Wednesday, June 24, 2015

First Week

Hola Family!
First night we had about 2.5 hours of sleep and a very long day. One of Chrisanne's teachers is still here in the CCM and teaches us sometimes. We all made it through the airport okay. There were some people who flew out who spoke Spanish at home so they were able to translate for us. The weather is pretty nice, but it feels more humid. Every time Latinos talk about Huancayo, they always say it is cold, but beautiful. I am not quite sure about the coat situation. My companions are both good. They are both going to Huancayo as well. It is interesting that we are the only elders in our district, and the other district that flew out with us does not have any elders at all! We get along alright. My district is pretty great. Three other Hermanas are going to Huancayo, two are going to Bolivia and then one is going to Lima South.
This week we did some immigration work and it takes up about half the day just to go out and get a couple papers signed. The roads here are CRAZY. No rules at all. The first time we went out for immigration work the other van of missionaries got sideswiped. The food here is pretty good. I am not usually really hungry in the mornings and their breakfasts are not really that good, but I love going to lunch and dinner. I did not try anything too weird, but I did get to try liver. It was pretty salty tasting. In their fruitbowls they put this little red fruit that kind of looks like a banana in it, and it tastes and feels like watermelon. Since we are not allowed to waste food, I try to swallow it as fast as I can. Last night I tried the fruit that looks like alien eggs. It was weird.
The Spanish is starting to come along, but my main problem with it right now is that I'm having a hard time keeping Spanish and German straight. There I times where I know that I have to try not to speak English, but all the German words for all non-Gospel things come into my mind first. At the beginning of the week I thought that it would have been easier to speak a mix of German and Spanish than it would have been to speak Spanglish. Weird huh? I am trying to remember Spanish words though. It will come along sometime. I will definitely remember that promise from Jack's mission president. Before I left I remember reading a scripture about those who go out and serve God will obtain forgiveness of their sins. I am looking forward to my mission president because the CCM president does not smile very much. Probably has to do with the fact that he does not speak a lot of English and he has to take care of all these missionaries.
This was a great week for temples. We watched the broadcasting of the Trujillo temple dedication. It was a great day and I think the times that I felt the Spirit most, surprisingly, were when the organ started playing. They showed the sealing of the cornerstone and President Uchtdorf was pretty funny during that. Elder Bednar was also at the dedication. I only wish that Chrisanne was able to come see this, so it makes me very happy to hear that she will be able to stay for Laura Osnes. We went to the Lima temple today and I really liked it. It makes me miss the D.C. temple though. I'm excited to come home to the Philadelphia temple though!
Funny moment of the week- During a meeting where the advanced missionaries were helping us learn how to teach, we had to pick team names for our little missionary/investigator groups. Elder Riddick and his companion (they are my zone leaders), were in my group, Elder Riddick's companion wanted our team name to be team filth, but as he tried to say this in Spanish, he must of said something with a bad connotation because the teachers both stopped talking and writing on the board and stared at him. He changed our team name.
That is too bad for Grace and I hope she gets better. I love you all and I am grateful for all of your prayers. I do not have enough time to put pictures up, but I will next week, and I will probably have better pictures too. Have a great week everyone.
Elder Brian Hymas

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