Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Last Week in the CCM

So this past week has been a little rough, but there have also been some good times. The CCM is pretty crowded, but we are making friends with the new missionaries. One of the new Latinos is named Elder Jaimes.  Guess how it is pronounced? (Hymas) We both thought it was funny. Our roommates are nice and they are also pretty funny. One of them loves to crack jokes and say American phrases, so for example, he will say things like "what's up man", "what's up bro", or "you want to fight?" to which his companion replied with a "no" which sounded more like nah. I don't know if the nah was intentional but it sounded pretty funny. I can probably borrow someone else's shoe shine kit.

I think I know which drink Chrisanne is talking about. I have not had it enough to tell. If I'm thinking of the right thing, when I first tried it, I thought it kind of tasted like cider. I'll have to try it again though to see! I know people think that the fruit loops are gross because they taste like gummi vitamins. I have not tried those yet. I have been kind of sick this week. My stomach was churning a bit at the beginning of the week, and I am getting over a sore throat now. It was funny though because our investigator is supposed to be sad all the time because his mother is dying of cancer, so our last visit with him was very serious and quiet, and as I was right in the middle of saying something very important, my stomach lets out this HUGE rumble. I saw my teacher crack a smile and then we all started laughing. My teacher was like, "'It's fine, I needed something to make me smile!" As district leader I assign people to do prayers and scriptures for our morning and night routines. My companions are responsible for getting the meetings set up though.
I feel that Spanish is as good as it will get in the CCM, but we are learning grammar lesson after grammar lesson. I will definitely be studying verb conjugations for a while. Today was our last time at the temple. It was a good time though. Our group was only Avanzados, which was kind of fun. Our bus ride back to the CCM wins most memorable bus ride. Since our group only had us three elders and 14 hermanas, we all had to be on the same bus because our companionship couldn't separate and the hermanas cannot be without elders. As usual, there were people already standing on the bus when it stopped, and then they put all of us on. Elder Co and I standing right next to the open door with the bus worker. My former roommate Stephen messaged me, and I think Ben is entering the MTC the week that I leave. I'm excited for Huancayo!
I have a charger for my camera right? Also, how does it work if I run out of money? I still have a bit more and I know things are different in the field, but I'm just wondering.
I love you all and I hope you have a great week!

Elder Brian Hymas
Doug's letter from Brian : My companions are also excited for Huancayo. Everyone keeps saying how pretty it is and how good the food is. I am also ready to meet the people. I am excited to see where I will go for my first area. Tell mom that I probably will not be writing next week, but I will probably have pictures and a lot to say the week after that. I love you all! Have a great week!

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